Why support this awareness run?

This fun run seeks to promote awareness of those with ASD who are part of our families and communities. We want inclusion in schools, and access to services for those with ASD.

ASD affects 1:68 people world-wide, including South Africa. Sadly, even with this staggering statistic, little is known about ASD in our country and few resources are available. Despite the Government White Paper 6 (2001) which includes those with ASD who can function in mainstream schools, discrimination and fear of ASD still exits and children with ASD continue to be excluded from schools.

Currently treatment for ASD is not covered by medical aid in South Africa. This means only those with financial resources can access the help needed for their children. Our vision to develop a community center which is self-sufficient in order to generate funds to provide therapy for those with low income. This fun(d) run is the first step in the process.

Blue is the colour which represents ASD and so we have called this event “The Blue And You Autism Run” as we want you to be involved in promoting Autism awareness.